INTTRA, SeaIntel devise information flow on box delivery reliability
Jul.23--GLOBAL ocean shipping e-commerce network provider INTTRA and SeaIntel, a container shipping market consultancy, have released a shipping reliability report that combines on-time performance with checks on container delivery reliability measures, reports Phoenix-based Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

"For the first time shippers can now analyse actual container delivery time versus vessel arrival time on a country-by-country level," said SeaIntel Maritime CEO Lars Jensen.

"While knowing when the vessel arrives is an indicator of on-time arrival, what's most important to a shipper is how timely their cargo is moving. With this report, shippers now have timely information, at a level of detail that makes it actionable." he said.

"This is a game-changer in how shippers can evaluate carrier performance and make informed decisions on how their freight is moved," Mr Jensen said.

Asia-Europe and transpacific trade results show container delivery as eight to 10 per cent points lower than the vessel reliability, said the joint statement from the allied companies.

"However, the highest variability is seen from Europe to Australia/New Zealand where vessel reliability on the direct service is 88 per cent, but container delivery is only 36 per cent, a variance of 52 percentage points," said the statement.

Said INTTRA chief executive Ken Bloom: "The information captured through INTTRA enhances performance conversations and can be used to identify more precisely where improvements may need to be made. We hope that by providing the industry with consistent, easily accessible and reliable performance information, we will be able to solve reliability challenges and begin to work on other industry improvements."

Mr Bloom said that having access to this insight provides an immediate benefit to carriers by enabling them to see performance information from the perspective of the customer and improve service.

"As reliability improves, carriers should also see a reduction in operating costs. More reliability means less exception handling, less rework and lower costs for the carriers. Carriers and their customers both benefit."

"INTTRA users will have access to the on-time performance for their shipments including performance metrics for each of their carrier partners. Carriers will see their performance with a specific customer and their ranking among other carriers, however, the specific identity of the other carriers is not revealed. This actionable performance information is available to all INTTRA users through OceanMetrics, a new product rolling out to carriers now and available to shippers this fall," said the release.

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