Chineseshipping Net (at is a professional shipping website approved by the Ministry of Communications of the People's Republic of China and sponsored by the Shanghai Shipping Exchange (SSE).
In its beginning stage the Net includes these items: Status Quo of the Economy and Trade, State of the Art of the Shipping Industry, Cargo Sources, Shipping Schedule,
Freight Index, Market Column, Policies and Regulations, Guidance for SSE Member Units, Freight Filing, and Clients' information and Advertisements.
As a showcase of the SSE, the Net will, adhering to the principle of openness, fairness and justice, provide its member units, government departments, enterprises and individuals with a comprehensive online service characterized by timely, authoritative information and constantly expanding functions.
The objectives of the Net will center around the construction of the Shanghai International Shipping Center and the main functions of the SSE by means of IT and cyber technology and with a special focus on online trading. By highlighting shipping-related information while expanding into information in other relevant areas, the Net will provide shipping agencies, port agencies and government departments with all-round, diversified one-stop service in cyber trading and information provision.
The Net is ready to work in conjunction with the SSE member units and other friends in the shipping industry to contribute its shares to successful conversion of the SSE into an information center and market guide for the prospective Shanghai International Shipping Center.
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